My photographic collections are shot with my iPhone and have spontaneously grown from a dependence on the device. In fact, the iPhone is my all-in-one instrument: my phone, my partial laptop, communication gadget, entertainment set and eye on the world. My friend and assistant.   

I started playing with the iPhone camera because it was there and made it easy to take pictures. Little by little, I wasn’t carrying my actual camera around with me any longer. My iPhone lens has turned into the filter through which I witness the reality I find interesting enough to digitally immortalize. I have developed my iPhone point of view by playing with the features -- both the good and the bad -- that the instrument offers. And in doing so, I have discovered that the way my eyes see the world and the way I see it though my iPhone are sometimes different. The photos I take mostly tend to evoke reality, rather than depict it for what it is. My pictures are about the details and distortions of life – and the iPhone is the perfect ally for this. 

All pictures are printed in large scale (11x14 to 11x17) on metallic paper and are available for purchase upon request. Please contact me for further information about my work.

Click on images below to view the works displayed at each exhibit.

The Eye and the iPhone
  Pop Arch  
The Eye and the iPhone is a compendium of design-inspired images with an "abstract" twist.   iRchitecture focuses on the built environment and celebrates the design that most struck my attention during recent travels.
  Pop Arch is an experimental mash-up of photography, collage and pop art.